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Red Alert Surveillance provides on-site consultation, installation, 24 hr monitoring and service from beginning to end. We are dedicated to our clients and provide long term service after installation of your security system for your home and business.

Statistics: Burglary

  • A burglary occurs every 15 seconds
  • A property crime occurs every 3 seconds
  • A theft occurs every 4 seconds
  • A violent crime occurs every 19 seconds

These statistics are startling and frightening! Burglaries and home invasions have become a more common occurrence throughout North America.

Your Security System Can Monitor Many Different Situations


At RED ALERT we offer flexible monitoring plans to suit out customer needs.

RED ALERT will optimize security design, product and installation, to minimize service calls and false alarms.

RED ALERT will guarantee parts and labour no matter if you own a local system or if your alarm system is monitored.

RED ALERT will provide a CERTIFICATE OF MONITORING recognized by the insurance bureau of Canada. You’re insurance broker or company will discount your home insurance policy up from 5% to 20% when they receive your certificate.

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Protect life, family and property with optimized security design, product and installation

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